About Us

ROI: Richard Oberbruner Improv facilitates Employee Engagement Training sessions (EET™) that enhance camaraderie, productivity and profitability at small to medium-size Millennial-based companies.

Each Employee Engagement Training session is customized to fit the current and future needs of the company, and are scheduled on a monthly, quarterly or as-needed basis.

Each session contains Serious Fun™ - the fun of participating in laugh-filled, spontaneous improv games combined with the seriousness of company objectives.

This unique teambuilding approach enhances a company’s ability to adapt to the social-emotional changes in a tech-centric global economy.

ROI: Richard Oberbruner Improv

Hungry for Engagement? Let’s EET™

Mission Statement:

Richard O Training's mission is to build more productive workplace teams through the pro-active use of improv.

My interactive training techniques are a combination of two influences: 1) my adult education background, and 2) The Second City Theater in Chicago where I learned the performance skills that every great improvisational actor knows.

Improv is based on collaboration. So are successful workplace teams. I believe the most competitive companies in the marketplace are the most collaborative in the workplace. It takes a team to make a profit.

I call what I do Serious Fun. I facilitate laugh-provoking improv games with team members. They will, first, enjoy the spontaneity of the situations they find themselves in. Second, they will then seriously discuss topics that "pop up" as a result of playing these games.

Improv has a way of bubbling up to the surface important topics team members feel but never talk about. Laughing together breaks this silent tension and allows a safe atmosphere to share opinions without hurting anyone's feelings. Improv levels the emotional playing field. It promotes "We're all in this together."